Main Christian Method

Helen often uses Theophostic Prayer Ministry to heal emotional pain from present and past events by correcting false interpretations of them, expressed as “lie-based thinking”. It is commonly recognised that the interpretation or meaning applied to a painful event has a more lasting impact than the experience itself. The person doing (facilitating) the ministry helps the person receiving ministry to uncover feelings and faulty thinking attached to painful experiences. Jesus Christ is the healer who takes the recipient of ministry to the original source of their pain and breaks their “lie” by showing His truth to them internally. Removal of any external negative spiritual interference is simplified in this method.

Theophostic Prayer Ministry may be used with emotional wounds in any context including trauma, grief, past hurts, relationship problems, eating disorders, phobias, church abuse, spiritual problems, anger, childhood physical, sexual and ritual abuse, obsessiveness, depression, dissociation, suicidality, flashbacks and nightmares.

Symptoms of hidden wounds include childhood amnesia, shame and guilt, sexual dysfunction, emotional difficulties, compulsions and addictions. These can be passed down in families. Deep wounds may be labelled as mental illness. Theophostic Prayer Ministry cannot change current reality, remove appropriate shame and guilt, change what is true in a memory, heal a person against their will, prevent future wrong choices or heal true mental illness.


  1. “The two-roomed house”, relating to the storage of memories. The logical mind remembers without emotion and can rationalise or objectify events. This is described as the “light room”. The traumatic memory material and emotional pain is stored in the “dark room”, not able to be rationalised away or changed by logical thinking. This material surfaces in emotional reactions to events, flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, phobias, etc.
  2. The ‘echo’ principle, that today’s emotional pain is magnified by previous unresolved emotional pain stored in the “dark room” of emotional memory. The triggering event may seem to be unrelated to any previous trauma.
  3. The willingness of God in Jesus Christ to heal emotional pain and replace cognitive distortions (lies) with His truth, imparted directly to the client rather than through the practitioner.


  • My present situation is not the source of my pain.
  • If I heal my past, my present will also change.
  • My current emotions are echoes of the past, an open window to my wounds.
  • I need to stop blaming the present situation for my emotional pain.
  • In order to heal I must be willing to feel my pain.
  • I look for the historical emotional echo, a memory picture and the original lie.
  • My pain comes from my interpretation rather than the actual experience.
  • If I believe the lie it has the same consequences as if it were true.
  • The pain I feel will match the lies I believe.
  • To be free of the lie I must grasp it more firmly rather than reject it.
  • I am then able to receive a healing word of truth from God to give me freedom.

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